SEL Player

The Taxi Dog SEL Player is in development in order to showcase ALL of the teachable SEL moments found throughout the video story, and offer insight into each moments’ meaning and importance. The player can be utilized for professional development, as well as a teaching tool for delving deeper into targeted topics with small groups or with individual students.

The features of the SEL Player include:

  • Moments are organized by SEL competency (Self-Awareness Recognizing one’s emotions and values, as well as one’s strengths and challenges., Self-Management Managing emotions and behaviors to achieve one’s goals., Social Awareness Showing understanding and empathy for others., Relationship Skills Forming positive relationships, working in teams, dealing effectively with conflict., and Responsible Decision-making Making ethical, constructive choices about personal and social behavior.)
  • Moment explanations pop-up as the video story plays (optional)
  • Teachable moment explanations through text OR video
  • A search filter above the track player allows educators to find clips based on specific competency The ability to recognize social and emotional cues in ourselves and in others, and to respond in ways that benefit the well-being of self and others., goals or skill areas

This tool is recommended to be used by classroom teachers, resource teachers, and special services providers.

Enter the SEL Player

The SEL player can be accessed along with the lesson plans after the Taxi Dog Teacher Training has been completed. Get started here.